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Date and impress gorgeous Brazilian Babes in just Ten simple ways !!!

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For bachelors and singles, Ukraine, Russia, Cuba, Thailand and Brazil are heaven on earth. Though the Governments are a bit concerned about their reputation as a popular Bachelor tourism magnet, but when you are getting enormously cheap flights to Brazil and accommodations in nearly all stars and price packages than why not celebrate your youth while still single !

They say, the biggest export of Brazil is “Super Models’. We do remember the stunning Miss Brazil, Brazilian Miss World and Miss Universe finalists very well don’t we? The tans and tanning, slender and gorgeous, women in Brazil set the International beauty standards by far and wide. Yet, don’t expect they are everywhere in Brazil! You will see a lot of divas, on and off, in a cafe or on the beach, pubs or clubs or beach side bars… But trust me on this that Brazilian attraction exceeds further than appearances, hotness or looks. Brazilians are very passionate; they are social, warm, pleasant and make excellent hosts. If lady luck is by your side, and you end up hitching with a Brazilian tan babe, here are the etiquettes for a perfect date and unforgettable impression.

  1. Brazilians usually judge others on basis of their appearance. Casual dresses are more formal than in many other countries.
Hint# Dress with a style, look elegant and be noble. Over-dressing is better than under- dressing.

  1. Exchanging gifts is enormously popular like in any other culture worldwide. Gifts are opened when received. Especially, when invited over to some one’s house do not go empty handed.
Hint# Bring your hostess flowers or a small gift. Orchids are usually more suitable for the occasion (purple ones symbolize death, used in funerals). Avoid black colors too and remember handkerchiefs are also associated with funerals so they do not make good gifts. .If you forget bringing a gift to the hostess, flowers the next day are always a good idea.

  1. Men shake hands and exchange greetings while women may carry out the "social" form of kissing, which is to kiss on each cheek.
Hint# if a woman wishes to shake hands with a man, she should extend her hand first.

  1. Surnames are rarely used in Brazil; however titles of respect (“Senhor” for men, “Dona” for women) are often used.
Hint# be Polite to strangers and show respect to any one senior or elder to you. However, avoid eye contact with beggars; do not smile just refuse plainly like the locals do.

  1. Belching, farting or swearing in public is considered impolite and ill manner in Brazil. A simple “excuse me” does not work here.
Hint# head to the ‘gents’ when any such unpleasant feels on its way.

  1. Brazilians often have big families and strong family ties. The Portuguese influence on culture, race, and national language (Portuguese) is strongly visible in daily life. You may come across adults of any age, living in their parents’ house. This is similar to other Latin American countries because of the strong family culture.
Hint# Respect the girl’s family, especially elders!

  1. For men, in Brazil it’s normal not to get married until their early 30s. However, women can make exceptions.
Hint# if you are under 30s and plan on proposing her some time sooner in future, try and look mature, behave decent and don’t make her feel she is marrying someone she will need to raise.

  1. Brazil has a booming economy, however there is huge gap between rich and poor and a large majority lives in slums in the bigger cities. The crime rate is high and tourists are to take precautions seriously and stay clear of the danger zones in the country.
Hint# be sure and check out the reputation of the place if you plan to take her out for dinner. Don’t leave house without planning. Also don’t walk through half-dark and deserted streets after 10 p.m. and avoid the beach after dark.

  1. Soccer (football in Brazil) is the favorite Brazilian pastime. Heroes are born here.
Hint# take her on a national soccer match, if there happens to be one in town.

  1. Consuming drugs of any kind is a criminal offense. Also, Brazilians do not get drunk. Alcoholics or drunkards are considered very low profile, mocked and loose respect.
Hint# Try and stay sober on dinners, parties and at all times while in public. Drink only to your limit and stop before feeling tipsy.

Lastly, shopping in Brazil is cheap however, a little over priced in the larger cities. Always compare airfares while planning to get a flight to Brasilia, Rio De Jenaro or Sao Paulo. Usually, cheap flights to Brasilia, capital city of Brazil are available during the low season (i.e., any time other than national holidays in Europe).

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Can Airlines be Insured like other Businesses?

The Aftermath of Ghana International Airline Bankruptcy

After the last flight flew with Ghana International Airlines (GIA), in April this year (2010), there remained but only hope that the airline may resume. This ‘short lived’ hope was soon shattered by frequent press releases telling people ‘how to claim refund’ and the ‘rerouting’ guides by Ghana International. As far as the refund is concerned, there is either little or no luck. The question is, when we buy a car, we can get it insured, a house – insured, property – insured, a factory – insured, even a shop or a mall is insured in this century where recession can pounce any time anywhere. Then why not airlines?

I recently read a detailed report on airline business that claimed “airline industry has so far lost as much as it has made since the Lever Brothers invention of first ever plane craft”. Believing that, and what we have said or read earlier, Airline Industry Insurance seems more vital than any other. But what should this insurance cover and how can it work?

Let’s answer it. When usually a ticket is issued on IATA (International Air Transport Association) for any ATOLL covered airlines, a minute deduction of 1.5, 2.5 or at times 3.5 GBP is carried out as “ATOLL INSURANCE”. Most Travelers are not even aware that their tickets are secured with Atoll Insurance and there is hardly any time when you get to hear the break downs from Travel Agents. This Atoll Insurance under discussion covers the fare and taxes loss in case if the airline seizes its operations and permanently goes grounded. However, this is only aimed at facilitating the passengers. If we see this scenario the other way around, the passengers still get their moneys paid back, however if an airline business is busting it does not have any where to turn to. Hence, the root cause of the problem remains i.e., the airline is not covered by any insurance.

If we consider an ideal situation, say on every ticket issued, each passenger pays an airline insurance, an airport tax and base fare of airline, on the other hand, if from that paid amount, the airline pays “airline insurance” together with the airport taxes and on each travel each day, there goes a certain amount to the Government or the Governing body that keeps it safe and leaves it as a “open door” for airlines when they are close to getting bankrupted or grounded. This policy can either be used for individual airlines or a “Global Airlines Insurance United” where all airlines paid moneys can be utilized for one crippling airlines hence, indirectly the amount of money that Atoll will be paying back in such scenarios to the passengers (where ATOLL insurance is paid), the same money will be made available to the airline and saving the whole trouble of suspended airlines and stranded passengers!!!

Where this solution may be controversial and initiate a debate among financial analysts, this may prove a long term shield for low cost airlines, budget and cheap flights

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WingX is all about traveling on wings - Air Travel. The incidents, the stories all the goods, the bads and the Odds. Its about sharing the experiances of those who work on earth and sleep in air, miles above. The workaholics who travel in nights to host early morning meetings far away. It is about those who spend half their lives flying. See the world of airline, hear the announcements of departures and take in the smell of a new place on arrivals with WingX.

Also, its about those who travel once in a year and make holidays on turqouise beaches counting how much they have spend so far! Its about those too, who travel only once in their life and face their worst fears clutching the hand rest tight. Its the fun and the fears, the do's and the dont's of Airline World - all on WingX.

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